Dr. Golta Rasouli, MD

Board Certified Vein Therapy Specialist
Creekside Office Location: Monday - Thursday

Dr. Golta Rasouli is a double board certified and fellowship trained vein specialist. She is the only ABVLM fellowship trained vein specialist in the central Florida, with expertise in varicose vein surgeries and has been practicing since 2013. In addition to vascular procedures, she has received extensive training in dermatology and cosmetic procedures.

She graduated from Chicago Medical School with distinction in research and served as an associate professor at Northwell Hospital in New York city, teaching young physicians and medical students. Considered an expert in her field, she has presented at various national and international conferences including American Venous Forum and submitted numerous research articles and abstracts to a wide range of medical journals including the American Vein and Lymphatic journal of Vascular surgery.

Dr. Rasouli offers her patients cutting-edge vein procedures with individual patient-centered care plans to improve their quality of life. She is well loved by her patients and is excited to offer her expertise in Dermatology, Vein and cosmetics to her patients in The Villages, FL.